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                      Product Test Lab

                      Product Test Lab

                      Product test is an essential step in bringing new products to market. It puts your goods through their paces to discover any defects early, while also highlighting any regulatory compliance issues found in the product. Testing can help you make changes to products early and avoid costly product recalls or fines.

                      Types of Test

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                      FAQs Of Test Certification

                      What is Thermal Shock Testing?

                      Temperature shock test is a kind of environmental test, which is generally divided into two box method or three-box method so that the measured object can instantly change from high temperature to low temperature, or from low temperature to high temperature. On the one hand, it can investigate the tolerance of the product in the event of sudden temperature change, and on the other hand, it can verify the reliability of some components/modules.

                      What is Environmental Testing?

                      Environmental testing is an indispensable part of product reliability testing. Due to various conditions in the life cycle of products, such as transportation, drop, high temperature, low temperature, humidity, etc., environmental testing simulates various types of situations in the laboratory environment to improve the stability of products.

                      Why is environmental testing important?

                      Because the environmental test can improve the reliability of the product, make the product "stronger", also can meet the actual conditions of different countries and regions, improve customer satisfaction with the product.

                      How do you create a test environment?

                      The construction of general test environment is based on the typical use of the product.

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