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                      Safety Test

                      With customers’ increasing security awareness for the electronic products, the safety certification of electronic products is bound to be more and more extensive. According to different standards, HBTE professional safety laboratory provides efficient and rigorous safety testing services to help customers complete the safety certification of electronic products.

                      Criteria of Safety Test

                      • GB4793.1—2007/IEC 61010-1

                      • GB4943.1—2011/IEC 60950-1

                      • IEC 62368-1

                      Test Items of Safety Test

                      Input testSafety signs stability testCapacitance discharge testCircuit stability testGround continuity testHumidity test
                      Torque testStability testShell stress testDrop testFire testStress release test
                      Capacitor charge / discharge testEquipment temperature rise testBall pressure testContact current testWithstand voltage testAbnormal test

                      Key Advantages of Safety Test

                      • Precise and professional:

                      HBTE’s laboratory with solid technical foundation and scientific research tradition strictly abides by the standards of ISO17025 / rbt214, CMA and CNAs.

                      • Convenient and efficient:HBTE’s laboratory provides one-stop service to save your cost and time of certification.

                      • Mature measurements:HBTE provides a variety of mature solutions, the operation process is transparent, and the whole process can be monitored.

                      • Stable and reliable:One-to-one customer docking, Try our best to guarantee your information security!


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