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                      RF System

                      RF System

                      HBTE has a lot of experience in the RF system field. Our products are divided into many directions for example Radio frequency System Integration (RFSI), shield, OTA and so on. There are three main products in RFSI which include attenuator, phase shifter and RF switching. We have been designing and manufacturing those products for many years. We constantly innovate and optimize our products to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We have strong production capacity to meet the needs of customers. We also have stocked attenuators, phase shifter and RF switches to meet your immediate applications. In addition to being controlled locally by the screen installed on devices , these devices can be controlled remotely via Ethernet. Our firmware uses ASCII formatted remote commands that are easy to implement and control via scripts for automated testing.

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                      What is programmable attenuator used for?

                      Programmable RF attenuators are widely used in radio frequency systems to meet the multi-port requirements. Such as amplifier input, output level control, branch attenuation control.

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