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                      Outsourcing Services

                      Key Advantages:

                      • Wide range of services

                      • Satisfy customers' diversification demand

                      • Customized and specialized services

                      Laboratory technical support Laboratory technical support

                      • Installation, disassembly, connection, moving and replacement of kinds of laboratory equipment

                      • System installation, Software upgrade and update, Installation and connection of equipment electricity, Power system maintenance

                      • Daily environmental inspection, Handling abnormal problems, Data maintenance

                      Data asset maintenance Data asset maintenance

                      • End to end data maintenance

                      • Equipment data management

                      • Real-time interaction

                      Laboratory network support Laboratory network support

                      • Configuration of network equipment, Software and hardware troubleshooting and maintenance

                      • Making of topology, capacity and security scheme

                      • Installation of operating system and related software

                      Warehouse management Warehouse management

                      • Daily management of warehouse

                      • Warehouse "7s" maintenance

                      • ERP operation


                      HBTE for RF, lab evironment soltuion and test service.
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                      HBTE develops, produces and markets a wide range of RF capital devices for industry, infrastructure operators, education and research institutions customers.