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                      On Site Project

                      Key advantages:

                      • Wide range of services

                      • Satisfy customers' diversification demand

                      • Customized and specialized services

                      Cable layout support Cable layout support

                      ·Layout of various cables in laboratory

                      ·Cable moving,modification and removal

                      ·Customized cable installation

                      Power support Power support

                      ·Installation and maintenance of electrical equipment

                      ·Add AC/DC point in Lab

                      ·Equipment maintenance and recovery processing

                      On site Project Construction On site Project Construction

                      ·Customized construction of laboratory

                      ·Laboratory relocation

                      ·Installation and maintenance of test equipment


                      HBTE for RF, lab evironment soltuion and test service.
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                      HBTE develops, produces and markets a wide range of RF capital devices for industry, infrastructure operators, education and research institutions customers.