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                      K series feeder cable assembly

                      HBTE K series corrugated feeder cable assemblies can achieve perfect shielding and have a larger bending radius. This series of cable assemblies have the characteristics of high power and low attenuation.

                      K series feeder cable assembly

                      • High power capacity

                      • Low attenuation

                      • Good electromagnetic shielding

                      Model of K series feeder cable assembly

                      frequency (MHz)100450100020002500300035004000
                      PK134Attenuation value dB/100m3.317.5911.8217.2219.6222.3123.9825.38
                      Average power/CW3.161.380.890.60.530.460.440.41
                      PK275Attenuation value dB/100m1.112.493.855.626.487.27.788.78
                      Average power/CW9.33.812.561.71.481.171.050.92


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