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                      Our History

                      • 2020

                        Established Dongguan office.

                        Established Chengdu office.

                        CATR test system was released in August, the first set in China

                        The HBTE cooperative Laboratory of Metrology University was unveiled.

                        Got CNAs qualification .

                      • 2019

                        Established Sweden office.

                        Launched antenna product line.

                      • 2018

                        Established Hangzhou Teratest & R&D lab.

                        Became the first tier supplier of Apple

                        Became the first tier supplier of Huawei

                        Became the first tier supplier of ZTE

                      • 2017

                        Became Ericsson global supplier

                        Became ICAS supplier

                        Established Hangzhou factory

                      • 2016

                        Passed the iso9000,1400,18000 system certification

                      • 2015

                        Became the first tier supplier of Qualcomm

                      • 2005

                        Became a supplier to Nokia

                      • 2004

                        Founded in Shanghai,China.


                      Hangzhou Yongxie Technology Co., Ltd.
                      HBTE develops, produces and markets a wide range of RF capital devices for industry, infrastructure operators, education and research institutions customers.